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Who are Sustainers?

Our social network includes hundreds of individuals committed to the empowerment and self-determination efforts of Black youth, families and communities in Baltimore.

Community Sustainers are individuals and organizations that support the mission of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle via recurring monthly financial investments in our work.

Unrestricted financial capital to fund the operations of our grassroots organizing work is made possible by our Sustainers who contribute each month to LBS.

a group of multicultural young people stand on stairs with their fists raised

Community Investment equals Grassroots Power

Since 2010, LBS has been dedicated to its mission: becoming an independent, Black, revolutionary political organization that can make a meaningful impact on the lives of Black people in the Baltimore region. 

Our journey has been guided by a commitment to unconventional advocacy, unbound by traditional non-profit structures, and free from the influence of philanthropic elites.

We owe our existence and success to the incredible power of our community. 

By becoming an LBS sustainer, you empower us to push for political change, pressure legislators, and spread the word about our mission. Few organizations have the privilege of wielding power that is truly independent, derived from our community’s support rather than mainstream institutions.

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Current Sustainers

Manage Your Account

If you are a Sustainer, you can manage your monthly giving through our Sustainer Portal.

Having issues? Reach out!

Let us know if you’re having issues with your monthly contribution. Common issues include:

  • Outdated payment and contact information
  • Changing payment methods 
  • Increasing your monthly contribution

Need Help with Your Monthly Contribution?

We understand that managing your monthly financial contributions is essential for your support to make a meaningful impact. 

If you’re facing any technical issues or have questions regarding your contributions, our dedicated support team is here to assist you.